Why Do Business in Wood County?

Making you part of the WV Family IS our business. Over and over again, companies tell us that they are pleasantly surprised at the warm welcome they receive and the effort we put in to make their start in Wood County possible.

We give each business individual attention, tailoring our efforts to meet individual needs.

With our strong ties to the State’s office and our dedication to work around the clock, we are able to move forward quickly to integrate you and your employees into our family.

“We are hand-holders. We accompany each incoming business with the same care as if they were our first child going off to school. Their success is our success.”

–Cam Huffman, President
Area Roundtable



Wood County ranks 7th in lowest crime rates in the entire US; the cost of living is between 16.6%-19.6% below the national average as well boasting lower than average commute times to work and lower unemployment; needless to say, Wood County is a secure place to raise a family.

Camden-Clark Medical Center celebrates more than a decade of continually receiving the Consumer Choice Award for some of the best quality and image in over 300 markets throughout the US. The Medical Center has also ranked in the Top 25 Most Wireless Hospitals in the nation. Major service lines include Cancer, Cardiovascular, Women and Children, Neuro/Ortho/Trauma, Primary and Specialty Medicine as well as Behavioral health.

Wood County is home to several universities, colleges, and technical schools as well as one of the nations top ranking school districts for producing graduates without spending significantly more than the average school district. The county excels at education as evidenced in our above average scores on ACT, SAT, and state testing programs. Perhaps our excellence is partially due to having more certified K-12 teachers than any other county in West Virginia, not to mention having the lowest student to teacher ration (12.2:1) in the larger region.

As a proud part of Wild Wonderful West Virginia, Wood County offers incomparable natural beauty with the convenience of mild weather. From the most vivid greens and brightest blooms of Spring and Summer, the surprisingly rich leaves of Autumn, to the serene snow covered tops of Winter, you will find your favorite season is done best here.
Wood County boasts some of the nation’s finest activities from nationally recognized biking trails in the forests to nationally recognized foot races through Downtown Parkersburg. The convenient location also gives access to boating and water sports on the Ohio River as well as nearby lakes. Hiking, spelunking, kayaking, rock climbing, ziplining, and geocaching are also nearby for an active weekend with the kids. Wood County is also located a mere couple-hours-drive from several major metropolitan areas.

Major employers include Camden-Clark Medical Center, the 2nd Largest DuPont Facility in the world, Wood County Board of Education, Sabic Innovative Plastics, and the U.S. Treasury Department’s Bureau of Public Debt.

The cost of doing business in WV is the 3rd lowest in the country when considering labor costs, taxes, and still 9th when you factor in our energy costs (Forbes Magazine).
“The low cost of electricity provides us a significant competitive advantage. In total, it’s millions of dollars a year of advantage that this plant site produces”
–Karl Boelter, Plant Manager,
DuPont Washington Works

West Virginia is known for her labor force of hardworking, steady individuals with an uncompromising work ethic. Wood County lives up to the finest expectations set from this reputation. Don’t take it from us, take it from the companies themselves:
“The unprecedented skill and dedication of the Wood County workforce is our secrete to compete and thrive in a global market.”
–Steve Orn Divisional, Vice President of Operations
Coldwater Creek, Inc

“I’ve worked in Europe and in the United States. The best workforce anywhere in the world I’ve had the honor to work with is in West Virginia”
–Gerard El Chaar, Retired SVP Operations
Coldwater Creek, Inc

“People that come to benchmark with us…they look around and say ‘How did you get this workforce?’ Turnover in a distribution center typically is about 25%, we have here less than 5%”
–Gerard El Chaar, Retired SVP Operations
Coldwater Creek, Inc

“We’ve grown market share…even though the market’s been down. I think it’s a a tribute to the hardworking and flexible workforce we have here.”
–Glenn Ellis, VP of Marketing and Dealer Operations
Hino Motor Sales

We have what the rest of the US wants: location, location, location! Centralized and easy to access, Wood County lies at the interchange between Interstate 77 and Route 50 as well as offering train rails, an airport, and the Ohio River. In addition, our convenient location offers overnight delivery to 1/2 of the US population and 1/3 of the Canadian population. It’s a mere day-trip to the Nation’s capital and a car ride to several major metropolitan areas.